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Privacy Policy

Shekinah Network, Incorporated (Also known herein as “Shekinah Network”, “we”, “us”, or “the publisher”) respects the privacy of all users and visitors to our network of web properties. We appreciate your trusting us with your personal information, such as your name, E-Mail address, and other contact or personal information collected by Shekinah Network.

This policy explains the process and policies by which we govern our collection and use of user information, on our network of web properties, owned and operated by Shekinah Network, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation.

Collectively, these web properties and presences will be known as “Network”, “Site”, “Sites”, “Website”, “Websites”, “Property”, or “Properties”.

It is assumed that any and all users of any and all of our sites in our network are accepting this policy, including the dissemination of user information to third parties described below. If you do not accept this policy, you may not use any of our Websites.

We retain the right to add, subtract, amend, or change in any other way, this privacy policy at any point in time at the sole discretion of Shekinah Network.


Collection and Use of Personal Information:

In order to enhance our services for you, we collect personal information about you, our users, by two means, including voluntary and passive.

Voluntary information encompasses any data you provide and submit to Shekinah Network yourself, such as a user registration, mailing list sign-up information, or other personal and impersonal information disclosed directly and knowingly by the user.

Passive information is collected and provided by your computer and web browser each time you visit a web page. This includes a users Internet Protocol (IP) address or browser and operating system information. All of this information is used to provide a better experience to you and other users of the Websites.

Any and all information obtained by Shekinah Network, Incorporated through the Websites, or by other means online, become the respective property of Shekinah Network. We do not sell, rent, or lease personal information obtained by the Website, or by other means, to third party commercial entities.

This does not limit Shekinah Network from providing user information to noncommercial third parties, with whom we have an active relationship.

We will share personal information with third party service providers of data management, information processing, forwarding, or any other service we deem appropriate in the future.

If ever required by a court of law, in the United States of America, or in the native country of a user, in the legal process, litigation, or legal requirement, we will disclose personal information as appropriate.


Cookies and Other Passive Data:

While browsing the World Wide Web, a user’s computer collects information known as “cookies.” Like most websites, Shekinah Network collects cookies, and other data passive to the user, and, for the purposes of this privacy policy, and entailed Site use, declares such information as personal information, subject to the same guides and restrictions previously brought forth in this policy, and are considered to be such by law in many areas.

Cookies, and similar technologies, give us information about your visit and time on the Property, such as where you arrived from, what pages you visited, your time on the Site, when you left the Site, and information about your computer and web browser.

This information allows us to improve our web experience across our Network, and understand and analyze trends relating to our user experience.


Outgoing Links and Presences on Other Sites:

Shekinah Network maintains presences on third party services and other services on the web. Links to these presences, or any other website from inside the Network to outside, signify an exit from the Shekinah Network, Incorporated Network. In this instance, the privacy policy on that particular site take precedent over our own, however, any personal information collected by or disclosed to Shekinah Network on these external websites, will be subject to the same collection and use standards previously outlined in this privacy policy.



Due to federal and local laws in the United States of America, such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, with which the Shekinah Network, Incorporated Network is in compliance, any sites in the Network are for use by children only when supervised by a parent or legal guardian. Users under 13 years of age may not submit any personal information or posts (Including comments) to any Property in the Network. If a user under the age of 13 misrepresents themselves, Shekinah Network is not held responsible for any data collection and use.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the contents of this privacy policy, please contact us.

The use of this Website constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any updates.